Images of New Sculptural Print Installations Added to 'Work' Section

Please take a look at the new work added to the Work: Sculptural Print Installations section – images of 13 new, individual installations including overall views and numerous, supplemental details. Because of the scale and complexity of the work, the images are best viewed (with a little patience as the images load) on a desktop computer.  Navigation is achieved by clicking on the right and left arrows (</>) on your keyboard.  For details about the work (titles, media, dimensions, availability, etc.), please email me at:

Completed over the past year (2017-2018), these new sculptural print installations continue my investigation of image/object relationships and, specifically, my interest in how we visually represent and perceive everyday reality.  In this new work, the images for the large-scale digital prints are first constructed from collected documentary or forensic-like evidence taken on my iPhone of rather ordinary or quotidian subject matter – the kind of forlorn-looking, forgotten, and left-behind things that I see and observe in the “real” world – which I then rework and re-assemble into fictional stage-like backdrops.  These reconstructed landscape images, output as large-scale digital prints on canvas and vinyl, take on a somewhat anxious or disquieting quality – a kind of poetic stillness, as well as a dark beauty.  It should be noted that the 3D objects in these new sculptural print installations – the tree stumps, logs, branches, traffic cones, sandbags, bricks, lumber scraps, etc. – are hand-cast and hand-painted multiples that reveal themselves as simulacra on closer inspection.  Fact and Fiction; Authentic and Fake; Real and Imaginary; Originals and Reproductions: these new sculptural print installations collapse traditional representations of 2 and 3-dimensional spatial relationships, and they reshape perceptions of the physical world into new possibilities for a re-imagined virtual, simulated, or mediated reality.   

Premium + Standard is one of the new, large-scale print installations added to the Work: Sculptural Print Installations section of my website.  This work was among several included in “Augmented Reality”, a group exhibition at Blue Star Contemporary in San Antonio, TX (June 1 – Sept. 3, 2017).  Premium + Standard was just listed by Stewart & Stewart in the “News of the Print World: Selected New Editions” of the Jan. - Feb. 2018 issue of Art in Print magazine.

Premium + Standard, 2017, 2-panel digital print on canvas with hand-cast and hand-painted sculptural objects; Ultracal, resin, wood, mulch, and plastic flowers; approximately 9’ (h) x 16’ (w) x 6’ (d).